How do I acquire a new address?

New addresses are assigned by your local zoning offices. Please see the attached list that will provide you with the contact information for your specific zoning office. Our office is responsible for updating the 911 address system once all steps have been completed.

How do I locate my property lines or pins?

Trumbull County does not provide any surveying services. You can use our property search from the Auditor’s website or visit our office and we can make a map that will show an APPROXIMATION of where the property boundaries are. Or you can contact a land surveyor and they will locate the pins or property lines for you.

What does it mean if my deed has been stamped with “Next Transfer Will Require Survey?”

A deed that has a “Next Transfer Will Require Survey” stamp means that the description does meet the minimum requirements of the Trumbull County Conveyance Standards and upon “Next Transfer” you will be required to hire a surveyor to survey your property.

Can GIS/Tax Map provide a list or recommend any land surveyors?

No, the GIS/Tax Map Office does not provide a list of surveyors nor do we recommend any particular surveyor. For best results, refer to Google or the Yellow Pages. 

What are the steps if I want to split my property?

Can I still use a Survey that was not completed in the current year?

Yes, but it must have/meet current standards

Does Trumbull County GIS/Tax Map do any pre-approval work?

No, we do not perform any pre-approval work. The only exception to this rule is with Certificate of Transfer’s. We will review these before they are signed by the judge to prevent going through the amending process.